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More and more people are turning to hypnosis to changing and improve habits and behavior. Hypnosis is a medically proven method for eliminating unwanted behavior, improving desired behavior and much more. No need to wonder whether or not you can be effectively hypnotized… because you will be pleasantly surprised know that 99.9% of our clients enjoy the relaxing benefits of hypnosis!

Here are Just a few common uses for hypnosis:  Relaxation, Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety and Exam Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Self Doubt, Self Sabotage, Self Defeating Behavior, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Image, Personal Charisma, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Stop Unwanted Negative Behavior, Develop Positive New Behavior, Emotional Recovery from Divorce or Death, Improve Health, Sports Performance Enhancement, Improve Selling, Set and Reach Lofty Goals, Obtain Wealth, Achieve Success and Attract Successful People.

Robert D. Hutchings-Certified Hypnotherapist

Robert D. Hutchings, C.Ht

Robert D. Hutchings, C.Ht, the Certified Hypnotherapist for Positive Motivations Hypnosis, is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist experienced in helping both Adults and Children with more than 147 different individual health issues. He has successfully helped hundreds of people eliminate unwanted behavior and replaced it with positive new behavior!

You will receive affordable hypnosis services combined with a satisfaction guarantee!  We offer up to 50% discounts for Senior Citizens, College Students, Members of the Armed Forces, Boise Chamber of Commerce Members, LIZ- Local Impact Zone Members, Couple-Clients and Children under 15 years of age. Plus, we offer a sliding fee scale for low-income clients. Special payment arrangements are available upon request.

Robert also offers specially written and produced hypnosis and non-hypnosis audio programs to reinforce your live hypnosis sessions. These programs are used to improve behavior modification for many common issues; hypnosis programs for nightly use and non-hypnosis LSM programs for use anytime or anywhere.

With an in-house studio, Robert writes and records individualized hypnosis programs for night time use and day time non-hypnosis audio programs using LSM technology. Research shows that hypnosis coupled with the consistent 30-day use of LSM audio programs, increase the permanency of change while also helping our clients set and achieve higher goals and loftier dreams. Be sure to learn more about LSM programming.

Robert can customize individual motivational and professional development programs for sales and customer service personnel; he is available for personal success coaching and mentoring on a group or individual basis; and, he can write and record Motivational Success & Productivity CD or MP3 audio programs for use by any size company.

Robert is available by appointment for a free consultation to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding hypnosis and how it can help with your presenting issue. Be assured that in addition to operating under Best Practices, the Hypnotherapist’s Sworn Credo is “Do no harm”.

Ask for a Free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to learn more about hypnotherapy how we can help you with any of over 147 different issues. Call today to schedule your free appointment with Robert D. Hutchings, C.Ht. in Boise, Idaho.

Call  (208) 321-5588
  Session Appointments – 9am to 6pm – Monday – Friday
**Evening Session Appointments Available upon Request

Public Speaking and Event Presentations: If you need a Speaker or Presenter for your networking, church or community group, club or events, Robert is available upon request and promises that he will not make anyone ‘cluck like a chicken’. He does not practice stage hypnosis- only healthy, safe, non-intrusive professional hypnotherapy for the purposes of bringing about positive behavior changes in individuals wanting to change.

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