Hypnosis for Anxiety,  Stress,  Smoking,  Weight Control,  Self-Esteem,  Self-Confidence,  Personal Improvement,  Professional Development, Wealth, Health, Success…we can help over 147 different issues!

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Charismatic-LeaderHypnosis is a very positive, enjoyable experience! It is safe, non-intrusive, gentle and very effective.
Our Certified Hypnotherapist uses proven techniques – No flashing lights or stage hypnosis tricks! Enjoy a relaxing experience with no side effects. We will help you bring about the positive changes you want!

We are experienced in helping with 147 different issues. Hypnosis is specially helpful to remove unwanted behaviors and to modify negative behavior- such as smoking or addictions. We specialize in helping you improve your Self-Image!

Improve the quality of your life… with your very first session!

We are available to speak at functions and events; we conduct training for professional development; our mentoring & coaching programs are an excellent tool for anyone desiring greater success and wealth. Many special programs developed to help you accomplish your goals and dreams. We are experienced in helping with over 147 different issues and maladies. Call for a free consultation.

Payment Plans Available! DISCOUNTS for Seniors, Students, LIZ Members, Boise Chamber of Commerce Members, Couples, Children Friends & Family. Be sure to Ask us when you come in for your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

Daytime Appointments 9am-5pm call (208) 321-5588
Evening Appointments after 5pm call (208) 571-2300 

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